Controller Configuration

Looking on top of controller:

  5U              6U  
  5D           6D  
    7U                    8U    
     7L   7R         8L
    7D             8D    
        3     2
      4 JS  1 JS  1
        3     2
Three Axis accelerometer


To be completed with functions


Information About Calibration

every time firmware for the remote control is downloaded

you must calibrate the controller

How to Calibrate

  1. power up and sync the CORTEX and CONTROLLER
  2. press and hold the 6U trigger
  3. a) press the config button while holding the 6U
     b) when the Joystick LED blinks red and green
      release both the config and the 6U button
  4. move both joysticks through full range of motion
     when the CONTROLLER detects that the
    joysticks have been fully rotated, the Joystick 
    LED will stop blinking red and green and will
    switch to a solid green
  5. press the 8U button to save the calibration

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