Getting Started

What the heck is this?

This here is what people call a "revision control" system. It allows us to more easily maintain our code and keep a centralized copy of our latest files.

How do I start?

The Essentials

To code, make sure you have downloaded and installed TortoiseSVN and EasyC. They can be found in the Resources section below. It is recommended that you keep these files on a USB or in your school folder, since you will be installing them often.


Before you begin coding, please read this guide about how to use TortoiseSVN: Using TortoiseSVN.

When to Commit?

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Keep in mind the following few things before you make a commit:
  • Make sure it adds new functionality or enhances existing functionality (Don't change code just because you feel like it).
  • Make sure it does not introduce major bugs (These are bugs that disrupts major functionality and have the potential to damage a robot. Minor bugs are OK, just file an issue in the issue tracker).
  • Don't rename files or change folders (This is to ensure that the file structure is consistent.)
  • Lastly, TEST before you commit (Only commit after you are sure the program even runs).


EasyC v4

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