Using TortoiseSVN

This article will teach you how use TortoiseSVN to download our code and make/upload changes to it.

Using TortoiseSVN to Checkout Code

The first thing we need to do is download the code and to do this, you will need to do is grab a copy of TurtoiseSVN from the links below. Then proceed to install it.

After you've installed it, you will need to perform something called an "SVN Checkout":

Right click on your desktop or an explorer window and select "SVN Checkout".


Then, fill in the URL of the repository (this is and your destination directory:


It'll run for a while and then it will prompt you to enter your username:


Enter your Codeplex username and password and you're done!

For more info, check this out.

Committing Changes With TortoiseSVN:

After you made some changes with the code, it's now time for you to upload it.

Right-click on the 2avex folder (Make sure it's the right folder - this is very important):


then, fill out the "message" box with a description of the changes that you made (Make sure you do so), click the "Select All" box, then click "OK":


and you're DONE =) !

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